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SASPP 2021 Online Meeting

Due to Covid-19 situation, our in-person biennial congress of the Southern African Society for Plant Pathology will be postponed to January 2022, but we will have an online event on 20 January 2021 to celebrate the IYPH2020, and to reconnect as a Society after this very disruptive year.

During this event, we will also celebrate the launch of the special issue on plant health of SAJSci and a book on the history of Plant Pathology and the announcement of the Mildenhall Award.

FABI International Seminar Series:

Prof Eva H. Stukenbrock

Please join us for the FABI International Seminar this Thursday (26 November) at 16:00 (GMT+2) presented by Prof Eva H. Stukenbrock

Her talk will be focused on the interspecific hybridization in fungal grass pathogens that shape genome-wide variation. 

Open Plant Pathology is an initiative that supports and promotes the spread of all open, transparent and reproducible practices in the field of plant pathology. We advocate for an open science culture and our teams work to enhance this culture by 1) Offering Workshops in-person or via webinars, 2) Organizing Virtual Seminars for enhancing scientific exchanges, 3) Developing open sources tools and 4) Supporting Editorial Boards of journals to enhance reproducibility.

Virtual seminars

Coordinated by Dr. Benjamin Schwessinger, the Virtual Seminars (aka science webinars) are a venue for delivering scientific talks of general interest to a plant pathology audience. Anyone is welcome to contribute a seminar. If you are interested, please answer a few questions for approval.

  • The seminars are pre-approved and disseminated widely via Twitter.

  • It is live broadcast via Zoom at a date & time of the speaker’s convenience.

  • The speaker is available to answer questions from the audience after the seminar (e.g. up to 1 hour) either within the Zoom chat and/or on the OPP Slack channel for webinars.

  • The live event will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel.

  • The video file and all associated materials (slides, chat texts, codes, etc.) will be made freely accessible under the CC BY license through OSF with a DOI provided for each the materials presented.

OPP Virtual Seminar: Dr. Susann Auer

1 April 2020

Seminar presented by Dr. Susann Auer (Technische Universität Dresden) entitled “Molecular response of clubroot infected plants to the endophytic fungus Acremonium alternatum”

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