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CALL FOR PROPOSALS FOR FUNDING: For relevant projects of NSTF proSET member organisations

Over the past seven years the proSET (Professionals in Science, Engineering and Technology) Committee has annually invested a portion of the proSET sector funds to support worthy member projects and activities. proSET is a sector of the National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) representing Professional Bodies and Learned Societies. The NSTF secretariat serves the proSET sector, as well as the six other sectors of membership. The proSET funds are specifically reserved for projects managed by proSET members, which satisfy the criteria here below. The funds available are not sufficient to fund substantial projects in totality but it will be possible to make a contribution to existing successful projects and modestly contribute to their success stories.

Call for proposals for funding: The proSET Committee is hereby issuing its seventh call for proposals as per the attached proposal form, and according to the current guidelines for proposals.  

To submit your proposal contact the proSET Secretary: Ms Lebogang Tebeila at ltebeila@nstf.org.za. The deadline for submissions is end of business on Friday, 12 November 2021.  The proSET Committee meeting of 17 November 2021 will consider the proposals received and the outcomes of decisions will be communicated to those involved before the end of 2021.

Conditions for funding: Only organisations that are existing members of the NSTF under the proSET sector, can apply for project grants, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The organisation should be a paid-up member of NSTF in the proSET sector for the current year (1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022) and previous years by the time of submitting a proposal
  2. The organisation should not be primarily funded by government or government agencies
  3. The organisation should be solvent and should have other sources of income besides proSET funding

Conditions for the proposed projects:

  • Related to sciences, engineering and/or technology (SET) and innovation, SET education (including maths education), promotion/raising awareness of SET, or SET-related training
  • Of common or cross-cutting interest. The projects should be such that many proSET organisations would regard them as of cross-cutting interest to the SET community
  • Already well established; or proposals linked to existing projects

Furthermore the following factors will be considered favourably:

  • Projects that will have a multiplier effect, e.g. training trainers
  • Projects that will have measurable outcomes, and that include plans to evaluate processes and outcomes
  • Projects that promote ongoing professional development of individual members of proSET member organisations
  • Projects that are innovative
  • Where there is an aspect that can be sponsored other than travel, accommodation and catering

Important requirements for implementation:

  • Starting the project: Committed funding will not be paid until ample proof has been supplied to the proSET secretariat that the project is going ahead, e.g. confirmation of bookings
  • Progress: Proof of progress needs to be submitted two months after funding has been received by the member organisation. Failing to provide proof will result in the recall of the funds with immediate effect
  • Report: A final report must be submitted one month after completion of the project
  • Acknowledgement to proSET in terms of branding is mandatory and ways in which proSET will be acknowledged must be proposed in the proposal form.
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