The Christiaan Hendrik Persoon Medal

The Christiaan Hendrik Persoon Medal is the most prestigious award of the SASPP society made to members unequivocally known as world-leaders in the field of Plant Pathology. It recognises the highest levels of achievement in the field as judged by international standards.


A nominee must:

  • Be recognised as a global leader in Plant Pathology.
  • Have served and promoted the interests of the SASPP society.
  • Be a long-standing and highly recognised member of the SASPP society.
  • Any member of the SASPP society may nominate a candidate for the award.
  • The award is bestowed not more often than once every four (4) years.
  • The award includes an engraved medal with a gold content determined by the SASPP council.

Required with application:

  • Documentary evidence and application signed by not less than ten (10) senior members of the SASPP, including Fellows and past recipients of the award.
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