Biennial Conference Awards

SASPP Plant Health Products Floating Trophy for Best Oral presentation on Biological Control


  • This floating trophy is awarded at every biennial SASPP conference to the best speaker addressing biological control in an oral presentation (for the purpose of the award, biological control is considered to be the control of a pest, weed or pathogen by another living organism, whether directly or indirectly).
  • The awardee must be a member of the SASPP.
  • The awardee can be either a student or an ordinary member of the SASPP.
  • The conference organizing committee will select suitable assessor(s) for the award.
  • The assessor(s) may decide not to give an award in a particular year without suitable standard of presentations in biological control.
  • The winner receives a certificate and a miniature wooden shield with an engraved metal mini-shield with his/her name, the conference and award information.
  • The updated main floating trophy stays with the SASPP Council.
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