Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships are a global initiative by the Swiss Government aiming to foster international research collaboration. South Africa being a strategic partner of the Swiss State Secretariat of Education, Research and Innovation, is allocated up to 15 scholarship positions every year. 2020 was so far the most successful year of received and granted applications with a total of 11 researchers leaving to Switzerland in 2021. This success is a result of continuous promotion efforts of the Embassy of Switzerland, the collaboration with local universities, underlined by the rise of social media and most importantly the establishment of the DHET International Scholarship Office. After last year’s successful implementation of an information webinar, the Swiss Embassy is aiming to further expand the webinar format this year continuing the efforts to promote the scholarships and provide support to interested applicants.


PhD 12-36 months

Post Doc 12 months

Research Fellow up to 12 months


Open to all academic areas

Full scholarship

Qualifications: PhD (masters); Postdoc (PhD <5yrs); Research (masters)

Age: PhD & research not >35yrs at moment of application

Dual Application: University & Scholarship for PhD

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Date: Tuesday 31 August 2021

Time: 4.30pm

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