Southern African Society for Plant Pathology
Advancing Agriculture in Southern Africa
The aim of the Society is to promote Plant Pathology in Southern Africa by acting as official mouthpiece of plant pathologists in Southern Africa. The society provides opportunities for plant pathologists to meet and exchange information of mutual scientific interests, coordinating affiliation with related scientific societies in Southern Africa, as well as with corresponding and related foreign societies, gathering and disseminating information on Plant Pathology.


Prof Mike Wingfield receives Harry Oppenheimer Award

FABI academic Prof Mike Wingfield has received the annual Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award for his research into disease-causing fungi. This...
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Prof Lise Korsten ontvang MT Steynprys

Prof. Lise Korsten van die Universiteit van Pretoria se departement plant- en grondwetenskappe ontvang vanjaar die Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap...
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RIP, Dr Fanie van Vuuren

It is with great sadness that we learnt that Dr Fanie van Vuuren has passed away on 7 July 2022,...
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Book launch - "History of Plant Pathology in South Africa", authored by Teresa A Coutinho & Michael J Wingfield

This book covering the history of Plant Pathology in South Africa and also covering the Southern African Society for Plant Pathology (SASPP) has appropriately been produced during the United Nations 2020 International Year of Plant Health. While it is focused on the history of plant pathology in South Africa, it also captures much of the history of the society that served as a catalyst for the discipline in general.

The NSTF Discussion Forum topics include detecting and controlling plant health problems, research into pests and pathogens, chemicals versus biological control, and the role of breeding and technology for resistance.

Plant health in South Africa – threats to biosecurity, biodiversity and food security

The National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) is partnering with Plaas/Farm TV (YouTube broadcaster) to broadcast a series of monthly talks during the year on the topic ‘Plant health in South Africa – threats to biosecurity, biodiversity and food security’.

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